What should I work on next?

If you are anything like me, then you have so many ideas and never want to just focus on just one thing. I think it’s good to have a lot of good ideas and see if they work, but we also have to figure out what is most important RIGHT NOW. Right now, I have to make sure that I grow my Flower Business, Flower Gift Korea. So though I like to do many different things, my main goal is to grow Flower Gift Korea and there are two things I can do to do so.

The first thing I can do is create an Entrepreneur Korea podcast, where I interview other entrepreneurs in Korea and talk about entrepreneurial ideas by referring to my experiences in my flower business and my other past businesses and projects. That way I would be able to share my podcast episode in Facebook groups and grow my own personal brand, and in turn, people would find out about Flower Gift Korea.

The second way is to create a totally new website that will focus on the Kpop community. If you have been reading my blog posts and have been following some of the things I’ve been doing, then you’ll know that Kpop fans sending gifts to their favorite Korean celebrities in Korea account for about 15% of my sales. So I was thinking of creating a website that would be able to attract Kpop fans and then advertise Flower Gift Korea as the sponsor of the website.

Both ideas will help spread the brand and name of Flower Gift Korea in different ways. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both:

Entrepreneur Korea Podcast:


-Can share episodes in various Facebook groups and become more known in the expat community

-I really enjoy recording podcasts

-Grow my network by meeting new guests

-Learn from other entrepreneurs’ experiences


-Time consuming: Takes time to find guests, record audio, edit audio, and then publish an episode

-Must be consistent: A new podcast must be available at least once a week or one every two weeks.

-Only really targets people in Korea

-Not all Korean people are looking to buy flowers

Kpop Website:


-I have a much larger audience to reach

-I can create a website that doesn’t involve too much of my time for maintenance (after initially building it)


-Not all Kpop fans are looking to send gifts to Korea


I think it’s obvious for me to go with the Kpop site, as it is just easier to do. The only problem I see here is that I actually really enjoy making podcasts. They are a lot of fun and I get to meet some cool people in Korea. I have already even recorded the first episode, you can check out the page where I host it: Podcast episode But I haven’t finished making the show notes for it, as I have decided to focus on the Kpop website.

The main thing that influenced my decision was the fact that the podcast was a continuous task to do, which I want to really do, but if I can make the Kpop site first and have it set, then after I can start to actively create, publish, and share podcasts. Ideally, I would only do the podcast once Flower Gift Korea could run without my involvement, but it’s going to take some time before that happens. And I really enjoy podcasting, so I want to start the Entrepreneur Korea podcast as soon as possible.


Tony Teacher

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