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Feeling Discouraged When Starting Your First Business in Korea

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Have You Just Started Your First Business in South Korea? Running a successful business is very rewarding, but you must first have a successful business to be able to run one. And more importantly, you must actually have a business or a product or a service that people are willing to pay money for to have [...]

Starting a Business in Korea Crash Course

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Are there websites that will help you understand how to start a business in Korea? *Scroll down to the bottom to view the full youtube video of the crash course In 2011, I was searching all over the internet for some information on starting a hagwon business in Korea. I knew that there were already [...]

Are you a Wantrepreneur Living in South Korea?

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Before I started any of my businesses and even while I was operating and building some of my businesses, I was definitely a wantrepreneur. There are a couple of definitions as to what a wantrepreneur is, but I believe that a wantrepreneur is someone who wants to be an entrepreneur. So for the sake of this [...]

It’s Not Too Late to Start Building The Lifestyle You Want

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Though I hate to admit it, there are times when I compare myself to others and say to myself, "look how much that guy has accomplished, and he's younger than me!" I sometimes even come up with excuses as to why someone seems to have accomplished more than I have in a shorter time, "well, she [...]

Flower Gift Korea is Now Two Years Old

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I just wanted to share a post, a reflection on finishing two years with Flower Gift Korea! We are officially on our third year and things are going pretty darn well. I wrote about passing one year last August, well the post was written in August 2017, but my business anniversary for Flower Gift Korea is [...]

Life Style Design in South Korea

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There are some days when I am really busy working in my flower business and don't have time to do anything, and that includes trying to further build the flower business as well. For example, for a stretch of 3-4 days when it was around Valentine's Day, I literally was working in my flower business non-stop. [...]

December 2017 Review

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Quick Summary: December Goals Results Other News Other Businesses and Projects Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for January 2018 So here is my review for the month of December, 2017 December Goals Results 1. Establish my trade business by registering it as a legal business and become part of some trade organizations in Korea: The good news [...]

November 2017 Review

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Quick Summary: November Goals Results Other News Other Businesses and Projects Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for December 2017 So here is my review for the month of November, 2017 November Goals Results 1. Improve my Korean by learning more advanced business vocabulary before I start my Trade academy course on November 20th: I probably studied pretty [...]

Random Thoughts: Delivering in Korea Part 1

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If you order a box of chocolates at 7am from Flower Gift Korea today in Seoul, it is possible for that box of chocolates to get all the way to Busan the very next day. Google shows me that it is 325 kilometers from Seoul to Busan, which is quite a distance. Actually, that same box [...]

EK007: Personal Coach and Entrepreneur Mattue Gale

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Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes In this podcast episode, I get to speak with Mattue Gale. He goes by Matt and he is a personal coach. He shares a bit about his journey and a bit about himself, but he mostly shares about what he does. He uses a special method in his coaching and [...]