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August 2017 Review

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August Goals Results
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Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for September 2017

So here is my review for the month of August, 2017

August Goals Results

1. Go to at least 3-4 networking events and hand out at least 50 Flower Gift Korea business cards to 50 different people before the end of the month: I was at a total of 3 networking events. One was held at the Seoul Global Startup Center and I was able to network with some people in Seoul. It was nice to go, but it wasn’t easy networking there since a lot of the people there weren’t really there to network, or maybe they were and just felt comfortable chatting to the same two people the whole networking time. But I still managed to meet close to 10 different people there and handed them my business card. The second event was a Seoul Real Estate

My Next Big Task – Updating my Ecommerce Website

I got a big task ahead of me, so on my Ecommerce website, which is a website that sells products, there are over 100 products that people can buy, and I am continuously adding products. I have the task of having to update every single product. And it can take a lot of time to update just one product. If you run a blog, then you’ll know how much time it can take to create or edit a single page/post.
What I have to do is add in new options for every single product. Right now, (on my site) you can’t really add items to one another without having to pay an additional delivery fee and there are some locations that are not included. But now, we have been able to figure out how to offer lower shipping/delivery fees and can deliver to other parts of Korea. And I want to