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EK009: From English Teacher to Businessman in Seoul South Korea

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Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes I basically share a quick recap of my journey from English Teacher to starting and selling some of my small businesses in Korea. I guess the word "Businessman" may not have been the best word to use in my title, since a lot of people actually envision company workers dressed [...]

August 2017 Review

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Quick Summary: August Goals Results Other News Other Businesses and Projects Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for September 2017 So here is my review for the month of August, 2017 August Goals Results 1. Go to at least 3-4 networking events and hand out at least 50 Flower Gift Korea business cards to 50 different people [...]

Teaching English in Korea – My Door to Korea

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Teaching English in Korea has been a job that people from all around the world with different goals and backgrounds have done. Teaching English in Korea is quite dear to my heart, because it allowed me to have the opportunity to come to my parents' origin country and get paid to do something that I already [...]