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Flower Gift Korea Has Been Sold!

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It is with a heavy heart, but with mixed emotions, good and bad, that I can officially say that Flower Gift Korea has been sold! We actually sold it awhile ago, but we were helping the new owners get used to everything. Brandy and I are very thankful for all of the teams / people who [...]

EK002: Starting Up in Korea With Entrepreneur Maria Lee

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Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes In this podcast episode, I was able to spend some time with Maria Lee, who is an Entrepreneur in Korea who founded a business that has recently changed its name from "AskAjumma" to "Wonderful". We start the podcast with a quick intro from her and then follow up with 5 [...]

What Would You Do As a Business Owner? – I’ll Pay You Later

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When I was young, I remember a guy, and let's just call him Man. I would usually just call him Guy, but I know a guy named Guy, so we'll go with Man. Man used to frequent our grocery store in Toronto, Canada. He would buy items that he needed like milk, bread, etc. However, one [...]