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Where I lived in Korea and How Much The Places Cost Me

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Living in Different Places in Seoul South Korea and How Much Housing Costs Quick Summary: 1. One Room near Yeoksam Subway Station (Line 2):  -2010 (Summer) -Normally a shared one room with a co-worker, but I opted to pay extra to cover the other half of the housing cost. Monthly cost came to an extra 400,000won-500,000won [...]

Feeling Discouraged When Starting Your First Business in Korea

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Have You Just Started Your First Business in South Korea? Running a successful business is very rewarding, but you must first have a successful business to be able to run one. And more importantly, you must actually have a business or a product or a service that people are willing to pay money for to have [...]

May 2018 Review

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Quick Summary: May Goals Results Other News Other Businesses and Projects Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for June 2018 So here is my review for the month of May 2018 May Goals Results 1. Have a smooth month for Flower Gift Korea: I had a pretty smooth month for Flower Gift Korea up until I realized that [...]

Waiting for the BEST Time to Start a Business

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I have some friends who want to start their own businesses one day, and others who want to invent something that will make them super rich. In their minds, they will one day create a cool business or an amazing invention that will generate a lot of money. I mean, who isn't hoping to invent something [...]

My Daily Grind in Korea

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Are you an entrepreneur in Korea and grinding and hustling to make something for yourself? Well, I am, and I'm still working towards making something for myself. Everyday I get closer, but it sometimes seems like it is a never ending game. But the good news for me is that I totally enjoy the process, and [...]

Something That Has Always Bothered Me About Special Treatment

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So in the past, I was teaching in a Hagwon in Seoul Korea and I was very excited to teach because I really enjoy teaching. So I was doing my best to inspire and encourage a class full of students. However, a lot of students in hagwons don't want to be there, especially during a summer [...]

What Would You Do As a Business Owner? – I’ll Pay You Later

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When I was young, I remember a guy, and let's just call him Man. I would usually just call him Guy, but I know a guy named Guy, so we'll go with Man. Man used to frequent our grocery store in Toronto, Canada. He would buy items that he needed like milk, bread, etc. However, one [...]