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Life Style Design in South Korea

There are some days when I am really busy working in my flower business and don’t have time to do anything, and that includes trying to further build the flower business as well. For example, for a stretch of 3-4 days when it was around Valentine’s Day, I literally was working in my flower business non-stop. I had no time to do anything else, and we even had 3 part time helpers at that time helping out. So is this really the lifestyle I want? To be so busy that I don’t even have time to eat at times and not even have the choice to get enough sleep?
Well, it’s not the ideal life, but I’m truly happy because I am in the designing stage, and not every single day is like that. And honestly, my wife and I would rather be super busy all the time, because we could

I am not You, You are not Me

So one of the things I truly love about working with my wife is that we can have lunch together. Not too long ago, we went for Kimchi Jiggae. The place we usually go to is called “Baik Chae” (백채). I really like this franchise because they give a lot of meat. And we usually get the size that is for two people, which comes in one bowl. The bowl is filled with meat, broth, tofu, kimchi, and some other vegetables. Oh, and we add some noodles for 1000won, which is well worth it.
For the longest time, I noticed my wife only eating half the tofu in the bowl. The tofu is her favorite part of the kimchi jiggae, but why was she only eating half? Well the answer is very simple, she didn’t want to be selfish and wanted to share the best part of the soup. And whenever

Chuseok Is Way Too Long For Some of Us Business Owners

Chuseok is Korean Thanksgiving and for the year 2017  most people get literally 10 days off! Like amazing right?! Well, if you were to ask me in 2011, then I would say, “Best thing ever! I get paid vacation and I can visit another country!” Well, that’s when I was working for a public school teaching as a Native English teacher in Seoul, South Korea. But what about now? Nope, not for me, not anymore. I rather it just be normal working days.
I no longer am an employee of a company, but I do believe employees of businesses do deserve a break, but 10 days off for most companies is not really a good thing for the Korean economy. It only benefits the places where people go during Chuseok and if anything, a lot of the small businesses suffer.
My business, Flower Gift Korea actually lost some sales because of Chuseok. We

Do You Want to Teach English in Korea Forever?

I first arrived in Korea in 2007 when I was teaching outside of Seoul in a public school. It was my first time to Korea as an adult and I was going to teach one year of English as the Native English Teacher at Ipjang Middle school, which was located a little outside of Cheonan, which is in Chungnam. I was really excited and nervous since I didn’t know what to expect. One of the things I do remember was meeting one of the many teachers who was on the same orientation trip that I was on. What I remembered the most was one conversation we had while all of us Native English Teachers were having dinner. We didn’t really get too deep into a conversation, but It was a simple short conversation, which started off with me asking him the following question, “How long have you been in Korea?” And

What Happens When You Don’t Register Your Business in Korea

*Disclaimer: This information is just what I know from reading books and from personal experience. Laws and policies can change year to year, so please remember that I am not a professional and information on this page is meant to give you an idea and may not be up to date.*
Is it Necessary to Register your Business in Korea?
In short, yes, obviously, but what if you only sell things occasionally on Naver Store Farm or Gmarket? What if you occasionally sell some baked goods to friends? Do you really have to register yourself as a business? What if your friend occasionally asks you to babysit his dog for 5,000won an hour? Do you really need to go to the tax office and register yourself as a dog babysitting business? Well, the simple answer to all of this is, no. If you are selling something (or your time) occasionally, then it isn’t necessary,

May 2017 Review

Quick Summary:

Entrepreneur Korea Website Updated
New Flower Gift Korea Etsy Shop Made 
Flower Business Sales Target $15,000 US Sales – Not Met
Flower Business Minimum $5000 US Sales – Surpassed
Other Businesses and Projects
Goals and The Big Picture for June 2017

So here is my review for the month of May, 2017. It is still quite simple, but hopefully I can improve it as I write it monthly.

Entrepreneur Korea Website Updated

I originally used an old theme for this website, which I bought a long time ago. However, the theme wasn’t great. One of the problems was that the feature image looked really blurry in the mobile website version. So I went to, which is a website that has everything you really need to build websites/blogs online. It is a site where you can buy themes, plugins, graphics, etc. I have used this website to purchase my theme for the Flower Gift Korea website and my website. The theme