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Where I lived in Korea and How Much The Places Cost Me

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Living in Different Places in Seoul South Korea and How Much Housing Costs Quick Summary: 1. One Room near Yeoksam Subway Station (Line 2):  -2010 (Summer) -Normally a shared one room with a co-worker, but I opted to pay extra to cover the other half of the housing cost. Monthly cost came to an extra 400,000won-500,000won [...]

EK009: From English Teacher to Businessman in Seoul South Korea

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Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes I basically share a quick recap of my journey from English Teacher to starting and selling some of my small businesses in Korea. I guess the word "Businessman" may not have been the best word to use in my title, since a lot of people actually envision company workers dressed [...]

Feeling Discouraged When Starting Your First Business in Korea

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Have You Just Started Your First Business in South Korea? Running a successful business is very rewarding, but you must first have a successful business to be able to run one. And more importantly, you must actually have a business or a product or a service that people are willing to pay money for to have [...]

3 Tips To Remember When YOU are the Product

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Selling Yourself as the Product of Your Small Business in South Korea One of the people who really influenced me to become an entrepreneur said something that has stuck with me. And with more business and sales experience I gain, the more I realize how true his words are. He said this, "Tony, you must first [...]

Flower Gift Korea Has Been Sold!

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It is with a heavy heart, but with mixed emotions, good and bad, that I can officially say that Flower Gift Korea has been sold! We actually sold it awhile ago, but we were helping the new owners get used to everything. Brandy and I are very thankful for all of the teams / people who [...]

Life Style Design in South Korea

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There are some days when I am really busy working in my flower business and don't have time to do anything, and that includes trying to further build the flower business as well. For example, for a stretch of 3-4 days when it was around Valentine's Day, I literally was working in my flower business non-stop. [...]

I am not You, You are not Me

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So one of the things I truly love about working with my wife is that we can have lunch together. Not too long ago, we went for Kimchi Jiggae. The place we usually go to is called "Baik Chae" (백채). I really like this franchise because they give a lot of meat. And we usually get [...]

Chuseok Is Way Too Long For Some of Us Business Owners

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Chuseok is Korean Thanksgiving and for the year 2017  most people get literally 10 days off! Like amazing right?! Well, if you were to ask me in 2011, then I would say, "Best thing ever! I get paid vacation and I can visit another country!" Well, that's when I was working for a public school teaching [...]

Do You Want to Teach English in Korea Forever?

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I first arrived in Korea in 2007 when I was teaching outside of Seoul in a public school. It was my first time to Korea as an adult and I was going to teach one year of English as the Native English Teacher at Ipjang Middle school, which was located a little outside of Cheonan, which [...]

What Happens When You Don’t Register Your Business in Korea

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*Disclaimer: This information is just what I know from reading books and from personal experience. Laws and policies can change year to year, so please remember that I am not a professional and information on this page is meant to give you an idea and may not be up to date.* Is it Necessary to Register your [...]