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Short Term Goals Are Goals I Need to Achieve within a Year:

*Updated March 24, 2018

-Create and build a community website that will be easy to manage and grow on its own (Flower Industry)

Just started on the website and will have to grow it steadily over the year.

-Get 1000 Positive Review for Flower Gift Korea

Currently at about 290. Need to do some raffles to help encourage people to leave 5 star reviews.

-Get to as close as possible to $500,000 US in sales yearly for Flower Gift Korea

Currently at low six figures. Need to continue to grow the client base and find ways to generate more sales. My goal was originally to get to seven figures, but I remembered that once you start making over around 500 Million won in Korea, you legally have to become a Corporate Business. And these types of businesses are heavily monitored by the government and apparently, it is a lot more complicated once you get to this size of a business. So, I want to be able to fly under the radar as much as possible.

-Get a few clients buying imported items from Korea

Have the business license, but must finish the website soon and start finding ways to gain experience in the trade industry in Korea.

-Get More Business Knowledge

Audible books, listen to at least one business/motivation related podcast or book a week.