September 2017 Review

//September 2017 Review

September 2017 Review

Quick Summary:

  • September Goals Results
  • Other News
  • Other Businesses and Projects
  • Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for October 2017

So here is my review for the month of September, 2017

  • September Goals Results

1. Continue to build my network: New networking efforts online and 2 or 3 networking events: I actually didn’t do much networking this month. However, I have interviewed a few people for the Entrepreneur Korea Podcast, which allowed me to meet some new people and connect with other entrepreneurs in Korea.

2. Create order/delivery checklists for Flower Gift Korea: I absolutely forgot that I was planning on doing this. Other things must have come up and I just put it on the back burner and didn’t get to it.

3. Upload new products to Flower Gift Korea and upgrade product photos: I only changed a few of the product photos, but most of the products I currently have don’t really need updating.

4. Reach $11,000 US in sales (Pass Minimum $5,000 US): The month of August was a good one for us, so I got a little brave and increased the target. Even though we passed our minimum of $5000 US in sales this month, we didn’t reach our $11,000 sales target. We actually sold less than last month. So, I think I’m going to bring my target back down to $10,000 US, which is a realistic, but higher than expected target for a month that does not have any special days where a lot of presents are usually purchased.

5. Plan and hold a successful meetup for my members: Well, I had a nice meetup for the members of And we had a total of one member show up! Only one, but that was okay, because we were able to talk about a lot of things and he said that my input was really helpful. The funny thing is, he probably didn’t really need to come because he has already built a brand and is doing some great stuff to pre-market the business he is planning on building. There are probably some members who really have no idea what to do and should have taken advantage of the opportunity, but I guess they had more important things to do or aren’t really planning on starting a Hagwon type business one day.

  • Other September News

I am continuing with my podcasts and have been able to meet some new entrepreneurs in Korea and learn more about the entrepreneur journey in Korea. It is a lot of fun. Oh, and the main reason why I didn’t really fulfill some of the goals I set out was because my Flower Gift Korea website had some problems and wasn’t working properly on some browsers, so I used up a lot of my time and energy on making the website more secure and have it work properly. In the end, I improved the overall SEO of my website and was able to make some changes that I have been putting off, so it wasn’t all bad news with the website. Here is a post I wrote about checking to see if you website works on different browsers.

  • Other Businesses and Projects is still accessible and I recently had a meetup. I still enjoy recording podcasts for it time to time, but for now, it’s pretty much static.

  • Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for October 2017

September was alright and had some challenges. I’m still thankful for the sales we received, because it is possible for my flower business to see a drop in sales. October has almost a 10 day long vacation, which totally sucks for business, so I’m curious to see how October is going to turn out for us. Last year we didn’t get close to passing our minimum, but if we can pass our minimum sales this year, I will be very thankful. If you work for a place that gives you a paid vacation, then you are probably in heaven right now, but for someone who relies on the sales of goods, as well as a flower market to get my supplies, and a delivery partner to deliver items all around Korea, it’s a very big challenge. That is why I’m brainstorming and trying to figure out if there are other ways to create even more income, but at the same time, not take me off the path that I am on. There definitely are things I can do, but then again, do I really want to put in the extra work for a little bit of extra money? Or would I rather use the time I have to further build my brand and the businesses I currently have? Anyhow, here are some goals for October:

  1. Get ahead of my blog post schedule for Flower Gift Korea and Entrepreneur Korea (I’m currently behind)
  2. Find more social media apps/streams to create accounts to build awareness for Flower Gift Korea.
  3. Publish one podcast a week.
  4. Reach $10,000 in sales.
  5. Catch up on all of the admin work I need to do for sales, customer relations, expenses, etc.

I guess the big picture for this month is to catch up on things that I am behind on. I had a few things set me back for the month of September, but I’m hoping to push through October and get a jump on the things I need to do to get closer to actualizing my end goals. October is going to be a good month! 

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