October 2017 Review

//October 2017 Review

October 2017 Review

Quick Summary:

  • October Goals Results
  • Other News
  • Other Businesses and Projects
  • Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for November 2017

So here is my review for the month of October, 2017

  • October Goals Results

1. Get ahead of my blog post schedule for Flower Gift Korea and Entrepreneur Korea (I’m currently behind): I get a big F for this goal. I didn’t get ahead in my blog posts, if anything, I got pushed even further behind. But for good reason, I was either relaxing or working extra hours to keep up with the orders we were receiving. But yah, I definitely should do more content creation for my websites/blogs.

2. Find more social media apps/streams to create accounts to build awareness for Flower Gift Korea: I was able to create new accounts on some new social media apps and I’m unsure if that is helping. One of them is a popular social media for people in Russia, one is Myspace, which is mostly for music, and I made accounts on a bunch of dating apps. Yup, dating apps. I just created a profile with some of our flowers and our business details. I obviously have no idea to track most of the engagement on these dating apps, but I am getting notifications that people are interacting with my profile or adding me as a friend, or something like that. But regardless, it’s just good to get to get as much exposure as possible. And I have been more active on Kpop fan social media apps this past month, which is why I think we have had more fans purchasing gifts for celebrities this past month. I would love to know which app people are learning about us from, but it’s not something I really really need to know as there are more important things to do with my time and money at the moment.

3. Publish one podcast a week: I am behind on my one podcast a week. I am going to get a jump on my podcasts, as I am going to be doing more solo podcasts. It is great to interview people, but sometimes they aren’t really talking about entrepreneur stuff, so I am going to do a series on doing business in Korea. That way you can get more insight on not just the lifestyle, but actual things that happen in the small business world in Korea.

4. Reach $10,000 in sales.: The month of October was a very tough one. There was a 10 day holiday, Chuseok. The flower market was closed for a stretch of 5 days at one point, which meant I was unable to access fresh flowers at that time. We had to refund some orders because some people didn’t read the notice and made orders, and only wanted things delivered on the days that we were closed or were unable to access flowers. It was really sad up until the end of Chuseok. But things really picked up the remaining two weeks of the months and we almost reached our $10,000 goal! Like one more small sale would have put allowed us to reach our goal. The craziest thing is that we actually did better than September, which was shocking! So yeah, very thankful for the orders we received.

5. Catch up on all of the admin work I need to do for sales, customer relations, expenses, etc: I have caught up a lot on the admin work, but I still have some data input work to finish as the last week has been very busy. But up until last week, everything was caught up.

  • Other October News

My wife and I are continuing to grow our flower business. It’s our main focus and it is steadily growing, so I’m very thankful for that. October turned out to be a great month. I also signed up for a trade academy course, where I will learn about exporting/importing from Korea with the Seoul Global Center. I just found out that I got accepted into the course, which anyone who can speak a decent level of Korean can get into, and it’s free! It starts November 20th and is for 8 days, so I’m looking forward to learning about trade in Korea. And who knows, I might start another side business exporting some of the items I sell on Flower Gift Korea.

  • Other Businesses and Projects

Hagwonstart.com is still accessible and I recently had a meetup. I still enjoy recording podcasts for it time to time, but for now, it’s pretty much static. I will publish a podcast episode soon. I already recorded the audio, I just haven’t had time to edit it and publish it.

  • Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for November 2017

I’m looking forward to November 2017! It is currently November 2nd and we have already had a pretty good start with our flower business, but you never know, because it’s how you finish that is important. As mentioned, I’m super excited to learn about trade (exporting/importing) in Korea and will have more knowledge about doing business in Korea. I am truly enjoying my life right now. Growing my flower business is so much fun, and mainly because it is doing well. If it wasn’t doing well, it would be more difficult to enjoy, but I still enjoyed the times when sales were low. I’m so happy I started the business while operating my Gyosoopso business, which is a small Hagwon if you didn’t know. Also, November has a special day where lovers spend time together and people think of loved ones in Korea. The special day is November 11th, which is pepero day. So I’m hoping that will help increase sales, but we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out. Well, let me make a list of goals for November 2017:

  1. Improve my Korean by learning more advanced business vocabulary before I start my Trade academy course on November 20th.
  2. Make a marketing campaign for Pepero Day (Blog post, front page of website, social media posts)
  3. Publish one podcast a week.
  4. Reach $12,000 in sales. A little higher because of Pepero Day.
  5. Improve website functionality: Search function and Checkout page
  6. Have everything prepared as in advance as possible: Materials for products, Pre-made cards, etc.

There are a few things I need to do for this month. The most important thing for me is to really get as much information about doing Trade business in Korea. I need to become more knowledgeable in doing business in Korea, then I can do more things, create more businesses and become more successful. I also need to improve our website. But most importantly, I need to make sure that I am enjoying the process.

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