New Layout and Content Coming Soon!

Hello, Entrepreneur Korea is being transformed into a place where you can get info about starting and running a business in South Korea, and most of the information will be FREE. There is going to be information about taxes, business operations, customer service, systems, Korean customers, online marketing, how to rent business space, how to register a business in Korea, lifestyle in Korea, you name it! It is not going to be a place where I (Tony) just share my opinion and experiences anymore (though I will include my experiences so you can better understand the concepts explained), but you’ll be able to get information on becoming an entrepreneur in Korea and will be able to access information about how you can start your own business in Korea and create that awesome lifestyle for you and your family, just as I had done for myself. The website should be up and running with new improved content and the focus of helping you start your small business in Korea sometime in September/October 2018.