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Current Businesses

Flower Gift Korea –

This is an offline and online flowers and gifts shop in Seoul, which caters to the English speaking market. We receive orders from people living all over the world who want to send gifts to someone in Korea. We will also soon have products for sale that will be able to shipped all around the world.

Hagwon Start Resource Page –

This is a resource page that helps people in Korea start a small Hagwon (Gyosoopso) business in Korea. This website gives you an idea of what to expect in the Hagwon business industry from someone who actually started, built, and grew his own small Hagwon (Gyosoopso) business in Seoul, South Korea.

Past Businesses

IGL English –

This was the homepage for my small English Hagwon, which was located in Seocho-dong, near Gangnam Station in Seoul.

Business Network Korea –

This is/was a networking event where English speaking people in Korea networked with others. I founded it back in 2012 before Liam and Justin took it over in 2013.

Other Projects

Marketing in Korea – 

This is a website/podcast where I interviewed entrepreneurs in Korea about their business in Korea, as well as shared some marketing experiences. At the moment, it serves as an archive of interviews I have had with business people in Korea.