May 2018 Review

//May 2018 Review

May 2018 Review

Quick Summary:

  • May Goals Results
  • Other News
  • Other Businesses and Projects
  • Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for June 2018

So here is my review for the month of May 2018

  • May Goals Results

1. Have a smooth month for Flower Gift Korea: I had a pretty smooth month for Flower Gift Korea up until I realized that I would be moving to Canada some time within the next year, so that kind of messed some of my original plans. But life happens and you just have to keep moving on and find ways to adapt to what life throws at you.

2. Reach $20,000 in sales. We didn’t reach our sales goal, but it was still alright. The end of May was a little slow, but my wife and I needed it be a little slow so we could figure out what to do with Flower Gift Korea and our future as business owners in South Korea.

3. Continue my Weekly Blog post quota for 3 of my websites *As of after the busy period in May. I was able to keep the blog post schedule for a week or two, but after that, kind of decided to just relax.

4. Hold a 5 Star Raffle Draw for Flower Gift Korea. We originally were going to hold a raffle draw at the end of May, but instead, we decided to put Flower Gift Korea up for sale. And we have been a little pre-occupied with meeting people and getting the shop ready for sale.

5. Update all Admin Work for Flower Gift Korea. I have updated most of the admin work, so that’s good.

Other May News

The big news for May is that we decided to put Flower Gift Korea up for sale. It came to a shock to everyone, including me, because I wanted to keep Flower Gift Korea forever. I mean, it’s a great business. But my wife and I will be leaving Korea. I mean, we do have the option of hiring some people to run it while we are in Canada, which is still an option, but we can also sell it. Both options have pros and cons, but it would actually just be more convenient to sell it and just focus on building my new life in Canada. However, if we cannot get a reasonable offer, then we will just most likely keep the business and begin the hiring process asap.

  • Other Businesses and Projects

I have recently just ended Smart Trade Korea and haven’t done any work on Hagwonstart. If we can end up selling Flower Gift Korea, then I will focus on Entrepreneur Korea and make it more of a business guide / business course type website. I would love to share everything I have learned in my journey from being an English teacher to English Hagwon owner to Small Business Owner in Korea, and help others achieve a great lifestyle for themselves in South Korea.

  • Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for June 2018

My main goal for June is to decide whether or not we are going to sell Flower Gift Korea or if we are going to hire someone who will managed it while my wife and I live in Canada. I will decide from the offers I receive by June 30th who the new owners will be. And in the meantime, I will still run Flower Gift Korea with my wife. So I got to make sure that I still do what I can to maintain and grow Flower Gift Korea.

June 2018 Goals:

  1. Sell or Start Hiring Process for Flower Gift Korea
  2. Reach $12,000 in sales for Flower Gift Korea
  3. Plan for life in Canada
  4. Work on side projects

It is June 10th in South Korea and a lot has happened in my life in the last month. The month of May for Flower Gift Korea was alright, though I was hoping for better, but the biggest news is that my wife and I have decided that we will be moving to Canada (my home country). So figuring out what to do with Flower Gift Korea is my first goal. But the bigger thing is figuring out what I will do in Canada and what I will do with all of my “Korea Related” projects and businesses. So yeah, I got to get to brainstorming and coming up with ideas. So yeah, it’s back to the drawing board for me. I already have a pretty good business idea for Canada and will definitely step up my game on this blog/podcast in the near future. So lots of great things to look forward to. We got to always stay positive because life happens and your plans don’t always go as planned. But that’s okay because opportunities will always come and go. And there is always a way to make things work.

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