May 2017 Review

Quick Summary:

  • Entrepreneur Korea Website Updated
  • New Flower Gift Korea Etsy Shop Made 
  • Flower Business Sales Target $15,000 US Sales – Not Met
  • Flower Business Minimum $5000 US Sales – Surpassed
  • Other Businesses and Projects
  • Goals and The Big Picture for June 2017

So here is my review for the month of May, 2017. It is still quite simple, but hopefully I can improve it as I write it monthly.

  • Entrepreneur Korea Website Updated

I originally used an old theme for this website, which I bought a long time ago. However, the theme wasn’t great. One of the problems was that the feature image looked really blurry in the mobile website version. So I went to, which is a website that has everything you really need to build websites/blogs online. It is a site where you can buy themes, plugins, graphics, etc. I have used this website to purchase my theme for the Flower Gift Korea website and my website. The theme I used for this website was one of the FREE downloads for June. *Yeah, technically, I updated the website in June, but I’m just putting it in here for May.

The great thing with Themeforest, is that they have monthly free downloads, and sometimes you can download free graphics and website templates. I try to check what they have available monthly, and for the month of June, they had this theme available. It still took a lot of work to update everything and figure out how to use the theme, but I think I understood the theme enough to make something decent. I also made sure to include a feature image for all of my blog posts, so that the overall website just looks more appealing. I was pretty lazy about making content for this website, but I believe that the least I can do is to at least have a different feature image for each blog post.

If you read last months review, April 2017 Review, you will know that I partnered up with a Pressed Flowers art work company in Korea. It’s not a very big company, I think they have like less than 10 workers, but they hand make all of their work. And we basically work with them to create more product ideas and sell some of their merchandise on our Flower Gift Korea website and now, our Etsy shop. Some of the items include soju glass art, key chains, clocks, and other gift ideas.

Etsy is an online marketplace for people who make and buy handmade goods. You can buy and sell handmade soap on there, customized t-shirts, etc. Some people have made fortunes on Etsy, while others have not made any money. It costs nothing to join, but you have to pay 20 cents per item you post up for every 4 months. I’m unsure how much transaction fee you have to pay, but there obviously is one, just like for anything you sell anywhere online.

  • Flower Business Sales Target $15,000 US Sales – Not Met

The month of May was pretty decent. It is a month that includes Parent’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Teacher’s Day, which are all days that people in Korea often buy their loved ones flowers. We got the most orders in May for Parents’ Day and Mother’s Day, and some for Teacher’s Day.

We weren’t able to reach the target I set out for Flower Gift Korea, $15,000 US in sales, but I was overall happy about the month. We also were able to add a few products to our website because people requested for them. And it’s always awesome when someone requests for a new flower product, since we are technically being paid to make a new product available for our customers.

  • Flower Business Minimum $5000 US Sales – Surpassed

We were able to easily pass our minimum target for the month of May. It was largely due to the fact that Parent’s Day and Mother’s Day are days Koreans usually buy their parents some flowers. And I had a really good feeling about May from the beginning because we received a lot of orders early in the month.

  • Other Businesses and Projects

I haven’t really worked on my other businesses or projects, besides writing blog posts for this page. I however was able to write one blog post for, which is an update on how I am doing, and how starting my English gyosoopso business was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I actually wrote it on June 1st, but decided to include it in this review, here is the link: Hagwon Start Update June 2017

  • Goals and The Big Picture for June 2017

So that was May, but now it is June, and I really need to hustle. June is a really challenging month in the flower industry because there aren’t any special days where a lot of people in Korea are buying a lot of flower gifts for loved ones. So I need to keep on pumping out content and making myself known on the Flower Gift Korea social media accounts. Before I continue, let’s see some of the goals I have more myself for June 2017:

  1. Upload our handmade products to Amazon
  2. Upload our handmade products to Ebay
  3. Hold a raffle/prize draw before June 14th
  4. Create more blog posts for my three main websites:,,
  5. Reach $10,000 US in sales

The first four things are the 4 main things I really need to do well this June. The fifth thing isn’t something I can directly do, so I’ll have to focus on things I can do, so that I can reach my sales target. There are other things I need to do as well, such as social media posts and networking online, but the first four things must be done, and done well.

So the big picture for June is to make our products more available online and to put more content online.



Tony Teacher

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