Flower Gift Korea is Now Two Years Old

//Flower Gift Korea is Now Two Years Old

Flower Gift Korea is Now Two Years Old

I just wanted to share a post, a reflection on finishing two years with Flower Gift Korea! We are officially on our third year and things are going pretty darn well. I wrote about passing one year last August, well the post was written in August 2017, but my business anniversary for Flower Gift Korea is April 1st, which is when we launched the website. But we didn’t share about the website and how we were in business anywhere online until April 4th, which is when we shared about Flower Gift Korea on my personal Facebook page timeline. And that is when we made our very first sale! Literally, the day I posted about Flower Gift Korea being in business on my Facebook page, I received my very first sale. I actually recorded a podcast about making my first sale in my past and current businesses on a past Marketing in Korea podcast, which is currently an archive of some of my business experiences in Korea and interviews I had with fellow entrepreneurs in South Korea.

Now, fast forward two years and we have an offline store and officially do not have set work hours. We were able to go hour-less, which has allowed us to use our time in other ways. That means we have grown ever since we started and are continuing to grow the business.

First off, I think it is important to be thankful. There are always things to be thankful for and a thankful and positive attitude will definitely help you push through when things get tough. I am so thankful that I am able to work with my wife and further build Flower Gift Korea with her. We truly have a great time working together and we know when we should compromise our beliefs. So far, we are an awesome team. We were alright when we were building our English Gyosoopso business, but Flower Gift Korea has been a better fit for us. And there are more projects in the pipeline that my wife and I will work on.

Here is a picture of my wife (Brandy) and I working on some of our flowers orders in mid/late 2017:

Flower Delivery South Korea

I am also very thankful for the success of Flower Gift Korea. We were able to make just a bit over $100,000US in sales in our first full year (2017) of business and should be able to 1.5X – 2X it 2018. As mentioned in various posts and podcasts, our numbers drastically got a lot better once we experienced our first Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t until February 2017 did we really see the potential of Flower Gift Korea. And to be honest, before I took the risk of going all in on Flower Gift Korea, I had a good feeling that it would do good enough to make a living for us. And it is doing more than that.

This is a photo of our florists at our work station during February 2018, when we were preparing for Valentines Day. We hired 3 extra people to help for Valentines Day 2018, plus hired a few different delivery services to handle almost all of our deliveries, and it still wasn’t enough! We have a lot to learn!:

Start a Business in South Korea

We had around 200 deliveries go out on February 14th, 2018! It was crazy busy, but we managed to pull it off! So, we are so thankful for how busy it was on Valentine’s Day. And the more orders and website visits we get, the higher our google ranking gets. In other words, it has been continual growth since our first Valentine’s Day, which was in 2017. So we have only experienced two Valentine’s Day so far, and we are learning ways to be more efficient and productive. But it is a learning process. And it’s always a nice problem to have, you know, having so much work or orders to fulfill that you’re scrambling to get everything done. But it’s always best to be on top of everything and we have already planned out exactly how we are going to tackle Valentines Day 2019, and we are so looking forward to the challenge!

Most of the orders we receive are pretty standard. It is usually a flower bouquet with a stuffed toy or chocolate of some sort. And if you do not know what to order, it’s always safe to just order a flower bouquet of the day and a $15 stuffed toy (Also, it’s probably the best deal). Here is an image of a Flower Gift Korea bouquet and a stuffed toy:

Korea Flower Bouquet Delivery

One of the main things we have been consistent with is posting on our social media pages. I am not a natural social media person. I don’t love posting about my life on my Facebook page or Instagram page, but I have been able to discipline myself so that our Flower Gift Korea social media accounts have recent posts. The main reason we do this is to show current and potential customers that we are active, current, and real. I truly believe it is the MAIN reason why we are beating out all of the other websites that offer service in English for Flower Delivery in South Korea. And it doesn’t take any special skill to make social media posts, it just takes some effort to get recent pictures and write short blurbs with relevant hashtags. It has helped us grow our sales this year, and a lot of months have seen a 2X growth in total sales.

There is another thing that has greatly helped us increase sales, and we did not even plan on it happening. Imagine actual Korean celebrities with thousands and millions of Instagram followers advertising your product for you for FREE!! That’s what happens for us and it is just so amazing.

Here is a famous actress (Nam Ji Hyun) posing with some of the flowers and gifts she received from her fans. Flower Gift Korea sent the flowers and gifts circled in red:

Flower Delivery Seoul South Korea and Business

Here is Bae Woo Hee of the Korean Kpop girl group Dalshabet posing with our flowers and stuffed toy:

Being an Entrepreneur in Seoul South Korea

The fans (our customers) love it when the celebrities post photos (of the gifts they send through us) on their Instagram or twitter page. And I can argue that we love it even more because it’s a very powerful form of marketing. Some of the fans even publicly thank us in their posts and all of the fan friends like their posts. I noticed that some Korean celebrities stopped posting photos of them posing with Flower Gift Korea products, not sure why, but we still have a good amount of Korean celebrities publicly thank their fans for the flowers and gifts we deliver to them.

We are now officially on year three and we consistently get a decent amount of orders. Some months are better than others, and we don’t know how big the market share truly is, but I believe our total sales will still grow. As of now, we have days where we deliver 10+ orders, and these are just normal non-special days. As mentioned before, we can send out 100+ orders on certain special days.

Here is a shot of some of the morning deliveries of a day. That means there were other afternoon and evening deliveries that weren’t included in the photo:

Small Business in Seoul South Korea

I am truly thankful for how Flower Gift Korea has turned out and for where it is headed. It is at times unbelievable that my wife and I are able to sell flowers and gifts in Seoul, South Korea and make a good living. And it is so cool that I get to go to Korean Entertainment agencies and bump into famous singers and actors when making deliveries. And best of all, I get paid to help connect people to their family, friends, and lovers in Seoul South Korea. I actually feel like I’m helping people and I’m getting paid for it. I hope you can find that great business idea and execute on it. If you are afraid to get going, that’s okay, that’s normal. I was a little scared to start all of my businesses, but I still started anyways. Just take some action, do something, and if you mess up, just learn from it, adjust, and keep going. Experience is the best teacher.

If you need to send flowers or gifts to someone in Seoul, South Korea or nearby Seoul, visit https://www.flowergiftkorea.com and see what we have available.


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