February 2018 Review

//February 2018 Review

February 2018 Review

Quick Summary:

  • February Goals Results
  • Other News
  • Other Businesses and Projects
  • Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for March 2018

So here is my review for the month of February, 2018

  • February Goals Results

1. Get ready for Valentines Day: The month of February is a super busy one for us at Flower Gift Korea, and this is because of Valentine’s Day. This past Valentine’s Day was just our second one! Yup, that’s right, our second one. And we got killed last year because we were under prepared. And even though we did a lot more this year to prepare in advance, we weren’t prepared enough. But we are looking forward to Valentine’s Day 2019 because we know what adjustments we need to make to make for a smoother and efficient work flow.

2. Reach $30,000 in sales. We had a higher than normal target because we were expecting to have a lot of sales due to Valentine’s Day, and…..we didn’t reach our goal… But that’s okay! We still had our best month ever, so far, and we almost doubled the previous year’s sales, so that’s good! The only thing is that the cost of flowers are probably the highest ever, so we also make less profit. Most flower businesses and florists increase their prices for Valentine’s Day, but we decided to keep our prices pretty stable throughout the year. It was a business decision made because I personally don’t like seeing prices change all of the time when I go shopping. Anyways, though we didn’t reach our goal, we had an awesome month and learned a whole lot.

  • Other February News

February was a crazy busy month, especially the week of Valentine’s Day. Once the week of Valentine’s Day was over, we kind of took it easy. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been doing my daily morning journal entries. But I’m looking to get back in to a routine soon. We learned a lot from our second Valentine’s Day and learned a lot from the florists we hired to help for a few days. Here’s something crazy, the florists we hired had more experience in the flower industry in Korea than my wife and I do, but, they were working for us, which was so awesome. They each had at least 10 years of experience. And in the few days they were working for us, they shared a lot of insight into the flower industry in Korea and we learned some new techniques from them as well. So, this goes to show that you can hire people even more qualified than you to help you grow your business.

  • Other Businesses and Projects

I’m going to get going on my Trade business soon. Flower Gift Korea is pretty much back into a routine and we aren’t getting so many orders that we are scrambling or need to hire outside help. And I’m unsure if I would rather have it like February every month or have times where it isn’t as busy so I can build other businesses, but I’m sure I wouldn’t mind being so busy that I am forced to hire more full-time help. Anyhow, I got to get moving on my Trade business!

  • Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for March 2018

March is still a decent month for Flower Gift Korea, it isn’t as busy as February or December, but it should still be one of our top 5 busy months of the year since White Day is on the 14th. But you really never know how things will turn out, you just got to keep on marketing and doing your best to serve your current customers, so that they keep on coming back. But I’m really planning on making a push to complete my trade website, create an Alibaba account, and try to get some leads for my trade business. I plan on trying to sell some products as well as offer up a service. I got an idea, but it isn’t refined at the moment, but I do hope to get a sale or a client within the next 3 months. The Florist website will be put on the back burner for now and I will chip away at it whenever I feel like.

March 2018 Goals:

  1. Catch up with all Admin work for Flower Gift Korea
  2. Reach $15,000 in sales
  3. Catch up with adding new flower products to the Flower Gift Korea Website
  4. Get back to journaling and working in the early mornings
  5. Complete my Trade website and create an Alibaba account
  6. Network with potential import/export clients/people
  7. Do some marketing for White Day (March 14th – Flower Gift Korea)

It is a fresh month and I need to pump myself up to get to doing some work! February was good for Flower Gift Korea, but everything else just went to the side. Now, I need to maintain and grow FGK, but build my side businesses. I need to keep on creating multiple streams of income, because that’s what I enjoy doing. I can’t wait till Flower Gift Korea and my Trade Business can run without me there, or at least only require my involvement just a little. Then I can focus on building this website and podcast, and create some courses or services that will benefit past Tony (me) and maybe even you.

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