EK008: Delivering For Your Business in Korea Part 1

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In this podcast episode, I share more about delivering for your business in South Korea.  I recently shared my random thoughts on this topic in a recent blog post, but I wanted to share some experiences and just give you an overall idea of what goes on, at least from my personal experience running my flower business.

Listen to the podcast to hear the process I go through for our deliveries, some things to keep in mind when preparing and making deliveries, and some challenges that can arise when trying to deliver your sold goods to your customers in South Korea.

I am going to publish more solo podcast episodes where I talk about a certain topic in the business/entrepreneur world in Korea, so stay tuned for more topics. 

If you are an entrepreneur in Korea or an entrepreneur with connections to Korea, please contact me and let me know what you do, and I’ll see if we can set up a time/date for a fun and informative podcast episode.

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Tony Teacher

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