EK002: Starting Up in Korea With Entrepreneur Maria Lee

//EK002: Starting Up in Korea With Entrepreneur Maria Lee

EK002: Starting Up in Korea With Entrepreneur Maria Lee

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In this podcast episode, I was able to spend some time with Maria Lee, who is an Entrepreneur in Korea who founded a business that has recently changed its name from “AskAjumma” to “Wonderful”. We start the podcast with a quick intro from her and then follow up with 5 fun non-Entrepreneur related questions. It was really fun discussing the following 5 questions with her:

Q1. If you had to choose one animal to describe your character what would it be and why?

Q2. What is one Korean food you like and one you aren’t so much a fan of.

Q3. So someone is visiting Korea for one day and asks you to share two places they should visit, where would those places be and why?

Q4. What is one Korean movie people should watch and why?

Q5. Have you ever been to Noraebang (singing room)? What song is your song?

I like to ask 5 questions like these so we can really see the type of person our guest is, and we can learn about a new movie to watch or a new place to visit.

It was very encouraging to have Maria on the podcast. Her business is similar to mine because we both receive special requests that are tailored for individual customers, which can be challenging at times.

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Past Podcasts with Maria:

As mentioned in the podcast, I have interviewed Maria before. This past interview was done not too long after she had launched her original business, “AskAjumma”, which has now become “Wonderful”. Check out the first interview I had with her and see how much she has learned and grown as an entrepreneur in Korea since then.

Link: MarketinginKorea.com/020

Maria’s Business:

Maria is the founder and owner of “Wonderful”, originally known as “AskAjumma”. Her business is a virtual concierge service which offers memberships for expats all around the world who want to have things made easier for themselves.

Link: Gowonderfully.com

Movies Mentioned by Maria:

Korean Movie 1 – “Train to Busan (부산행)”

This is one of the movie’s Maria mentions. I got to watch this movie with my wife not too long ago and found it quite good. The main actor in this movie is “Gong Yoo”, who you may know from his roles in the classic drama “Coffee Prince (커피프린스)” or one that is more recent, “Guardian : The Lonely and Great God, Dokkaebi (쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비)”

Korean Movie 2 – “The Handmaiden (아가씨)”

I watched this movie at home with my wife and it was interesting. As I said, it’s not my genre, but I do like the whole aspect of it being “you kind of don’t know what to expect till the end” movie.

Place Mentioned by Maria:

Heyri Art Village (혜이리 예술 마을)

This is the place is really great if you enjoy art and coffee. There are a lot of small buildings you can visit and different types of art pieces you can see.

I had a wonderful time chatting with Founder and Owner of “Wonderful”,  Maria Lee. It is always nice to speak with entrepreneurs and learn more about entrepreneurship in Korea. I had a chance to speak with her after we recorded the interview and we were able to relate on a lot of things, especially since we are both in the”Customer Service industry and have special requests made by our customers. If you are an entrepreneur in Korea, known of an entrepreneur in Korea that should be on the show, or have a topic you would like to see covered on the show, please contact me and let me know! And don’t forget to listen to the podcast episode to hear more about the Entrepreneur Maria and some tips on starting up.

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