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EK004: Building a Business that Supports Your Lifestyle – Going Hourless

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In this episode, I talk about going “Hourless”. Hour as in 60 minutes, and store hours as in from when till when a store is open. Well, Flower Gift Korea has just gone hourless and I talk about why I did it. When we first opened up the shop in late December of 2016, our hours were 10am-7pm, Monday to Saturday. Then we took off Saturdays and were open from 10am-7pm, Monday to Saturday. Now, we are hourless! I also talk a lot about my lifestyle and how my business is a tool that supports my lifestyle. Some people have their life revolve around their business or job, and I am currently one of them to some extent, but I’m really making moves to have my business revolve around my life. I also talk about how my lifestyle has changed from running a small Hagwon