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What should I work on next?

If you are anything like me, then you have so many ideas and never want to just focus on just one thing. I think it’s good to have a lot of good ideas and see if they work, but we also have to figure out what is most important RIGHT NOW. Right now, I have to make sure that I grow my Flower Business, Flower Gift Korea. So though I like to do many different things, my main goal is to grow Flower Gift Korea and there are two things I can do to do so.
The first thing I can do is create an Entrepreneur Korea podcast, where I interview other entrepreneurs in Korea and talk about entrepreneurial ideas by referring to my experiences in my flower business and my other past businesses and projects. That way I would be able to share my podcast episode in Facebook groups and

Something That Has Always Bothered Me About Special Treatment

So in the past, I was teaching in a Hagwon in Seoul Korea and I was very excited to teach because I really enjoy teaching. So I was doing my best to inspire and encourage a class full of students. However, a lot of students in hagwons don’t want to be there, especially during a summer vacation. I obviously knew this, so I kept this in mind and tried to build a relationship with the students in my class. In one particular class, there was a student who really did not want to be there. If you have any experience teaching, you can tell right off the bat if a student is unhappy about being there. You can tell by their body posture, their facial expression, and sometimes they make it obvious with sounds. Deep breaths, sighs, moving around a lot in their desk, and just having this expression of

Do I Really Want to Further Build My Business?

I was able to create an English gyosoopso business that made a decent living. And it could have generated really good money if my wife and I were willing to sacrifice more hours and more work than we wanted to. And my Flower business is already making enough to sustain a living. It doesn’t mean I don’t have bills to pay and have things to pay off, but at this rate, things will be “okay”. And is this enough? I don’t know. I don’t think it is, but at times, deep down, it seems like it is okay.
I find that the hardest part for me as an entrepreneur/businessman in Korea is getting to the next level. I mean, the main problem I face is that, I’m just content with where I am at for the most part. I felt this way in my third and fourth year in my English

Freedom with Business – No Limits On What You Can Do

When I was working for a medium sized company in Korea (actually, not sure if a company of about 100 employees is considered medium sized), I was somehow scouted by the owner and CEO to do marketing for him. As mentioned in other posts/podcasts on MarketinginKorea and HagwonStart, when I first started at the company, I had no idea what marketing was. I was just an English teacher at the time and was just looking to get experience in a company. I honestly believe that he just thought that it would be worth it to have me on his team and he didn’t know exactly what he wanted me to do, which is why I pretty much had no set job duties for the first month being at the company. On the first day of working there, he told me that I had to make my own position at the

Leaving Work Unfinished Is Sometimes The Right Thing To Do

I am unsure why I do this, but I tend do leave work unfinished. For example, in a past post, I shared how one of my big tasks was to update my commerce website, Flower Gift Korea. But guess what, I haven’t finished updating all of the products on my site, which I was supposed to do. I guess I can go easy on myself since we did get a good amount of orders in the last week, so I was busy buying flowers, preparing flowers, delivering flowers, and interacting with customers. However, I just don’t feel any urgency to finish updating every single product. To be honest, I have a higher chance of customers buying more items when they checkout if every single product was updated the way I wanted it to be. However, whenever some time frees up, I do work on some other thing, or I relax.

The Korean Dream

I remember travelling on the subway together with one of my co-teachers when I was a native English teacher working for a public school in the Gangnam school district. We were just talking about what we were going to do on the weekend. I told her that I was probably going to watch a movie and go to church with my girlfriend (current wife). Then I asked her what she was going to do. And she said that she would just probably stay home with the kids and go to mass (Catholic church). I asked her if her husband ever went with her and she told me that he didn’t because her husband was always too tired. She told me that her husband just sleeps at home or stays in and rests when possible. I was like, “really? why is he so tired?” And she said that he works too hard throughout

Flower Gift Korea is Now a Year Old

When my wife and I initially had the idea of starting our own flower business in Korea, we had no idea we would actually have an actual flower shop. The initial idea was to sell flowers online and make some extra money on the side. However, making flowers in our home was very inconvenient because it minimized the amount of space we had for comfortable living. You see, our place isn’t very big, so it was very cramped at times, especially when we had a lot of flowers on stock. So we finally made the decision to transition into creating an actual physical shop once we realized that sales were looking pretty decent. The offline store has been in operation since January 2017.
*On a site note, the reason that I mentioned above was the main factor in me deciding to create a Gyosoopso rather than a Gongbubang when I was

Feeling Unmotivated to Grow My Business

So I’m sitting here, in my home, on a Saturday. I don’t need to be at my shop, though I can choose to open it and do some work, and maybe get some walk-in sales, but I don’t know. I do have some deliveries to make, but those are afternoon/evening deliveries. Also, I have a wedding to attend near Jamsil at around 12pm today, so I’m thinking of just hanging out till then. But at the same time, I’m thinking of buying more plants for the shop and checking out some new products that I could add to my offline and online shops. But I am kind of torn between just doing nothing and doing something, and obviously I know what I SHOULD do. But I just don’t feel all that motivated these days to grow my business. I am still technically growing my Flower business, and reply to messages/emails I

My Next Big Task – Updating my Ecommerce Website

I got a big task ahead of me, so on my Ecommerce website, which is a website that sells products, there are over 100 products that people can buy, and I am continuously adding products. I have the task of having to update every single product. And it can take a lot of time to update just one product. If you run a blog, then you’ll know how much time it can take to create or edit a single page/post.
What I have to do is add in new options for every single product. Right now, (on my site) you can’t really add items to one another without having to pay an additional delivery fee and there are some locations that are not included. But now, we have been able to figure out how to offer lower shipping/delivery fees and can deliver to other parts of Korea. And I want to

Having Trouble Figuring Out my Long Term Goals

I have been able to create an end goal, but still can’t figure out how to word what my long term goals are. I tried a few times to think about what to write, so that I can access my long term goals on this site as much as possible, but I just can’t get anything concrete. And this is a huge problem, because if I can’t figure out what my long term goals are, then I can’t figure out what my short term goals are, and if I don’t have any short term goals, then I won’t be able to reach my end goal. And I learned this somewhere, but is this even correct?
Do I really need to set long term goals and short term goals? I don’t know. I just think it is something anyone in business and entrepreneurship should be doing. To be honest, I am quite