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Flower Gift Korea is For Sale

The last day to make an offer is June 30th, 2018, as I will decide who will take the business by June 30th. But I will need a 10% non-refundable deposit paid by July 13th, 2018 from the people who make the best offer (and are chosen). The new owner does not need to take over the whole business by July 13th, 2018 and does not need to make the full payment by then. But I will need a good percentage of the payment before I can give up the ownership of the business (which may be later in the future).  And we can work out a monthly payment plan for the remaining percentage of the business cost.
Flower Gift Korea is for sale. And this blog post outlines the following info:
-Business Operations
-Skills Required
Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am selling the business that I have built with

Waiting for the BEST Time to Start a Business

I have some friends who want to start their own businesses one day, and others who want to invent something that will make them super rich. In their minds, they will one day create a cool business or an amazing invention that will generate a lot of money. I mean, who isn’t hoping to invent something that will make them super rich and famous? However, the problem is that it isn’t easy to invent something that will generate money and it can be really scary starting a business. But being scared to start a business is quite natural, and the greatest inventors probably failed more times than succeeded in creating something worthwhile. I personally was really nervous, excited, and scared when I started every single business I started in the past, and know that most felt the same. So waiting to feel “less afraid” or “more comfortable” may never happen.

How I grew my Business Network in Korea from my Home

My perfect vacation includes a really nice hotel by the beach and unlimited access to food and drinks, and that’s it. I don’t need to go to fun places, or do fun water sports, or visit historical monuments. I’m good just chilling in an air-conditioned room and going to the beach for a bit, and maybe visiting a few places here and there, if the places aren’t very far. Yup, I’m pretty boring if you really get to know me, so I don’t really go out to many events, except for the ones I have to go to, like weddings, family gatherings, etc. That is why it is a challenge for me to attend networking events in Seoul, South Korea. But I attend them as much as I can because I know how important it is as an entrepreneur to grow your network, with all types of people in different

Entrepreneur Korea Networking in Korea

How an Introvert Like Me Networks In Korea

When I was in grade 4, my father took me to a nice stationary store and bought me a whole case of school supplies. He bought me a nice marker set, erasers, pencils, etc. It was a set I was really proud of and I believe it cost my father somewhere between $40-$50 for everything, so it wasn’t a cheap set of stationary you could have bought at the dollar store. But one day, I got in trouble for playing with my school supplies during class and my teacher took the stationary set away. She didn’t say anything about the set and I just thought my stationary set was gone for good. One day, if I remember correctly, she said to the class that we have to ask for things or something about apologizing. I knew deep down she wanted me to ask her for the set and apologize for

Calming Your Mind

One thing that has remained constant switching from running an English Hagwon type business in Korea to a commerce type (selling of goods) business in Korea, is the fact that I deal with stress daily. When I was teaching at my English gyosoopso in Seoul, I had to make sure my students were having fun, learning, and getting results, so that parents would be happy with my program and I could feel good about the work that I was doing. And at the same time, I had to find ways to grow the business, all the while trying to maintain what was already built. It is a really challenging balancing act, pleasing parents and actually reaching students. And that’s if you are lucky enough to have students! There was a time in my hagwon business where I had exactly zero students. And there was a time in my flower business

Introducing My One and Only Business Partner

The woman in the image is my business partner and the man in the image is me, Tony Choi AKA Tony Teacher. Her name is Brandy and I would not have had any success without her. She always reminds us of how much money we truly have to invest and takes cares of a lot of the admin work. Admin work is one of my weaknesses because I just find it boring. However, I am in charge of keeping track of our expenses, sales, and other paper work for Flower Gift Korea because I really wanted to learn more about these aspects since when we were running our English gyosoopso, she was taking care of all of the books and finances. Also, I want to know how much we are making and losing in our flower business in Korea so that I can have more motivation to further build the business.

Business Success in Korea – Unexpected Sales and Opportunities

I would say that roughly 15% of my sales from my flower business come from people sending gifts to people in Korea that they most likely have never met. Why would anyone give something to someone they had never met? Well, I can think of some instances like people donating money to causes or people paying it forward to do something nice. Would you ever send a gift to someone you personally never met? Maybe, maybe not. But these customers get so excited at the thought of buying something for someone’s birthday or to show their appreciation to someone they probably will never meet. Who are these people? Well, the people sending gifts are fans and the people receiving the gifts are Korean celebrities. And these fans can be found all over the world. These fans all have one thing in common, they are a true fan of a Korean celebrity