Waking Up Early

Today, I woke up early, nice! Actually, I shouldn’t be celebrating because it should be a habit for me, but at the same time, I do have my lazy days. In the end, my goal is to wake up early, so that I can start the day off right.
When I am in a groove and am having a productive week, I will wake up some time between 6:00am – 6:30am, do the dishes, make coffee, have some breakfast, check what flower orders are available, and now, blog. I have decided at this moment that I am going to blog every single day on this website in the morning. I used to do everything I just mentioned except that I would look through my Facebook feeds instead of blog. Even now I am tempted to check out the feeds. The excuse I give myself is, “I’m doing market research!” It’s kind

Handling A Recent Complaint

The main complaint flower shops receieve are that the quality of the flowers are not up to par. It is bound to happen to any flower shop, as people all have different perspectives on what is “good”, and the availability of flowers changes daily.
At Flower Gift Korea, my wife and I do our very best to only use the best quality flowers we can find. And that is key, the best we can find. But the recipient only sees the flowers he or she is receiving. And the customer is only waiting on the recipient’s reaction.
It is funny to think that not too long ago, someone asked me for some help because he was thinking of starting a flower business in Korea. He said that he thought it would be an easy business to start and would not cost a lot of money. In theory, it is easy to start

Welcome to Entrepreneur Korea

I have probably purchased close to 30 different domain names in the last 6, 7 years because I had and have so many ideas. I still get ideas about new businesses, but I have found one that I will be doing for a very long time. My main business at the moment, which is the business that I will be doing for a very long time is FlowerGiftKorea.com It is an online and offline flowers and Gifts shop, catering to English speaking people, the first of its kind. We also have some Korean customers and people in our neighborhood make purchases when they need to.
Though I, like most entrepreneurs, have a million ideas, I have also found another thing that will be ongoing for a very long time. Before I tell you what it is, let me just remind myself how it all came about.
Since 2011, I have wanted to