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What Happens When You Don’t Register Your Business in Korea

*Disclaimer: This information is just what I know from reading books and from personal experience. Laws and policies can change year to year, so please remember that I am not a professional and information on this page is meant to give you an idea and may not be up to date.*
Is it Necessary to Register your Business in Korea?
In short, yes, obviously, but what if you only sell things occasionally on Naver Store Farm or Gmarket? What if you occasionally sell some baked goods to friends? Do you really have to register yourself as a business? What if your friend occasionally asks you to babysit his dog for 5,000won an hour? Do you really need to go to the tax office and register yourself as a dog babysitting business? Well, the simple answer to all of this is, no. If you are selling something (or your time) occasionally, then it isn’t necessary,

May 2017 Review

Quick Summary:

Entrepreneur Korea Website Updated
New Flower Gift Korea Etsy Shop Made 
Flower Business Sales Target $15,000 US Sales – Not Met
Flower Business Minimum $5000 US Sales – Surpassed
Other Businesses and Projects
Goals and The Big Picture for June 2017

So here is my review for the month of May, 2017. It is still quite simple, but hopefully I can improve it as I write it monthly.

Entrepreneur Korea Website Updated

I originally used an old theme for this website, which I bought a long time ago. However, the theme wasn’t great. One of the problems was that the feature image looked really blurry in the mobile website version. So I went to, which is a website that has everything you really need to build websites/blogs online. It is a site where you can buy themes, plugins, graphics, etc. I have used this website to purchase my theme for the Flower Gift Korea website and my website. The theme

Calming Your Mind

One thing that has remained constant switching from running an English Hagwon type business in Korea to a commerce type (selling of goods) business in Korea, is the fact that I deal with stress daily. When I was teaching at my English gyosoopso in Seoul, I had to make sure my students were having fun, learning, and getting results, so that parents would be happy with my program and I could feel good about the work that I was doing. And at the same time, I had to find ways to grow the business, all the while trying to maintain what was already built. It is a really challenging balancing act, pleasing parents and actually reaching students. And that’s if you are lucky enough to have students! There was a time in my hagwon business where I had exactly zero students. And there was a time in my flower business

Something That Has Always Bothered Me About Special Treatment

So in the past, I was teaching in a Hagwon in Seoul Korea and I was very excited to teach because I really enjoy teaching. So I was doing my best to inspire and encourage a class full of students. However, a lot of students in hagwons don’t want to be there, especially during a summer vacation. I obviously knew this, so I kept this in mind and tried to build a relationship with the students in my class. In one particular class, there was a student who really did not want to be there. If you have any experience teaching, you can tell right off the bat if a student is unhappy about being there. You can tell by their body posture, their facial expression, and sometimes they make it obvious with sounds. Deep breaths, sighs, moving around a lot in their desk, and just having this expression of

Do I Really Want to Further Build My Business?

I was able to create an English gyosoopso business that made a decent living. And it could have generated really good money if my wife and I were willing to sacrifice more hours and more work than we wanted to. And my Flower business is already making enough to sustain a living. It doesn’t mean I don’t have bills to pay and have things to pay off, but at this rate, things will be “okay”. And is this enough? I don’t know. I don’t think it is, but at times, deep down, it seems like it is okay.
I find that the hardest part for me as an entrepreneur/businessman in Korea is getting to the next level. I mean, the main problem I face is that, I’m just content with where I am at for the most part. I felt this way in my third and fourth year in my English

April 2017 Review

Quick Summary:

Flower Business Sales Target $10,000 US Sales – Not Met
Flower Business Minimum $5000 US Sales – Surpassed
New Partnership Made – Pressed Flowers
New Products Added – Flower Designs
Finally Started to Use My New MacBook

I thought it would be a good idea for me to review how well my month goes, so that I can come back and see how I do each month and try to to even better in the future.

Flower Business Sales Target $10,000 – Not Met

So as mentioned in other blog posts, February and March were great months because we did a lot better than expected. So I thought April was going to follow the trend. And for every month, I have a target goal of revenue I have to generate. I set my targets for March, April, and May in February. And I got a higher than expected amount of sales in February and March, but in April, I

Introducing My One and Only Business Partner

The woman in the image is my business partner and the man in the image is me, Tony Choi AKA Tony Teacher. Her name is Brandy and I would not have had any success without her. She always reminds us of how much money we truly have to invest and takes cares of a lot of the admin work. Admin work is one of my weaknesses because I just find it boring. However, I am in charge of keeping track of our expenses, sales, and other paper work for Flower Gift Korea because I really wanted to learn more about these aspects since when we were running our English gyosoopso, she was taking care of all of the books and finances. Also, I want to know how much we are making and losing in our flower business in Korea so that I can have more motivation to further build the business.

Freedom with Business – No Limits On What You Can Do

When I was working for a medium sized company in Korea (actually, not sure if a company of about 100 employees is considered medium sized), I was somehow scouted by the owner and CEO to do marketing for him. As mentioned in other posts/podcasts on MarketinginKorea and HagwonStart, when I first started at the company, I had no idea what marketing was. I was just an English teacher at the time and was just looking to get experience in a company. I honestly believe that he just thought that it would be worth it to have me on his team and he didn’t know exactly what he wanted me to do, which is why I pretty much had no set job duties for the first month being at the company. On the first day of working there, he told me that I had to make my own position at the

Leaving Work Unfinished Is Sometimes The Right Thing To Do

I am unsure why I do this, but I tend do leave work unfinished. For example, in a past post, I shared how one of my big tasks was to update my commerce website, Flower Gift Korea. But guess what, I haven’t finished updating all of the products on my site, which I was supposed to do. I guess I can go easy on myself since we did get a good amount of orders in the last week, so I was busy buying flowers, preparing flowers, delivering flowers, and interacting with customers. However, I just don’t feel any urgency to finish updating every single product. To be honest, I have a higher chance of customers buying more items when they checkout if every single product was updated the way I wanted it to be. However, whenever some time frees up, I do work on some other thing, or I relax.

Business Success in Korea – Unexpected Sales and Opportunities

I would say that roughly 15% of my sales from my flower business come from people sending gifts to people in Korea that they most likely have never met. Why would anyone give something to someone they had never met? Well, I can think of some instances like people donating money to causes or people paying it forward to do something nice. Would you ever send a gift to someone you personally never met? Maybe, maybe not. But these customers get so excited at the thought of buying something for someone’s birthday or to show their appreciation to someone they probably will never meet. Who are these people? Well, the people sending gifts are fans and the people receiving the gifts are Korean celebrities. And these fans can be found all over the world. These fans all have one thing in common, they are a true fan of a Korean celebrity