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May 2018 Review

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May Goals Results
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So here is my review for the month of May 2018

May Goals Results

1. Have a smooth month for Flower Gift Korea: I had a pretty smooth month for Flower Gift Korea up until I realized that I would be moving to Canada some time within the next year, so that kind of messed some of my original plans. But life happens and you just have to keep moving on and find ways to adapt to what life throws at you.
2. Reach $20,000 in sales. We didn’t reach our sales goal, but it was still alright. The end of May was a little slow, but my wife and I needed it be a little slow so we could figure out what to do with Flower Gift Korea and our future as business owners in South Korea.
3. Continue my Weekly

Flower Gift Korea is For Sale

The last day to make an offer is June 30th, 2018, as I will decide who will take the business by June 30th. But I will need a 10% non-refundable deposit paid by July 13th, 2018 from the people who make the best offer (and are chosen). The new owner does not need to take over the whole business by July 13th, 2018 and does not need to make the full payment by then. But I will need a good percentage of the payment before I can give up the ownership of the business (which may be later in the future).  And we can work out a monthly payment plan for the remaining percentage of the business cost.
Flower Gift Korea is for sale. And this blog post outlines the following info:
-Business Operations
-Skills Required
Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am selling the business that I have built with

April 2018 Review

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April Goals Results
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So here is my review for the month of April 2018

April Goals Results

1. Create a concrete plan for April: I created a somewhat concrete plan for April, but didn’t do anything big. And like, I’m trying to look back to the month of April, and it is hard doing it in mid-May. I got really busy and did not write a review early enough to remember everything for the month of April.
2. Reach $12,000 in sales. We didn’t reach our sales target, but I was happy with the month of April. Considering there were no special days, we did okay. If you didn’t notice, I no longer talk about whether or not I reach the minimum threshold of $5000 in sales as we have never went lower than our minimum sales target for over the last year. If

It’s Not Too Late to Start Building The Lifestyle You Want

Though I hate to admit it, there are times when I compare myself to others and say to myself, “look how much that guy has accomplished, and he’s younger than me!” I sometimes even come up with excuses as to why someone seems to have accomplished more than I have in a shorter time, “well, she probably comes from a rich family”, or “he probably isn’t happy though”. And I don’t know exactly why I had or have these thoughts, but I have a feeling it is because I may feel inferior to those people or am ashamed of not accomplishing enough. And I think it is okay to feel like this sometimes, as long as it provides you that motivation to actually do something about it. But then there are times where you start feeling sorry for yourself and stay depressed. And if you are like me, you’ll start

Flower Gift Korea is Now Two Years Old

I just wanted to share a post, a reflection on finishing two years with Flower Gift Korea! We are officially on our third year and things are going pretty darn well. I wrote about passing one year last August, well the post was written in August 2017, but my business anniversary for Flower Gift Korea is April 1st, which is when we launched the website. But we didn’t share about the website and how we were in business anywhere online until April 4th, which is when we shared about Flower Gift Korea on my personal Facebook page timeline. And that is when we made our very first sale! Literally, the day I posted about Flower Gift Korea being in business on my Facebook page, I received my very first sale. I actually recorded a podcast about making my first sale in my past and current businesses on a past Marketing

Life Without Receiving a Paycheck in South Korea

Guess what, I don’t get a pay check, and I haven’t gotten one for a very long time. How do I survive without a pay check? Well, that’s a good question with a very simple answer. But before I answer that question, I want to figure out when my last pay check was. I honestly don’t remember off the top of my head because it’s been quite awhile. And technically, the last pay check I received was when I was freelance teaching Business English for a medium sized company, but I can’t really count that as my last pay check. I was technically hired on as a “contract worker” because they had to have me on paper for tax purposes, since my English gyosoopso was a separate business and I could not issue tax receipts via my English gyosoopso. Anyhow, I just checked and my last pay check from a

March 2018 review

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So here is my review for the month of March 2018

March Goals Results

1. Catch up with all Admin work for Flower Gift Korea: I managed to catch up with all of the admin work. Admin work needs to constantly be done, so I can clearly see how much we are selling, how much we are spending, and see trends in our sales. Then I can decide with the information I have and make moves to further grow the business, and keep the customers we currently have as happy as possible.
2. Reach $15,000 in sales. We did okay this March! I honestly was not expecting us to reach our goal this month, but we passed it! Back to back good months!
3. Catch up with adding new flower products to the Flower Gift Korea Website. I was able to add some

Life Style Design in South Korea

There are some days when I am really busy working in my flower business and don’t have time to do anything, and that includes trying to further build the flower business as well. For example, for a stretch of 3-4 days when it was around Valentine’s Day, I literally was working in my flower business non-stop. I had no time to do anything else, and we even had 3 part time helpers at that time helping out. So is this really the lifestyle I want? To be so busy that I don’t even have time to eat at times and not even have the choice to get enough sleep?
Well, it’s not the ideal life, but I’m truly happy because I am in the designing stage, and not every single day is like that. And honestly, my wife and I would rather be super busy all the time, because we could

My Competition in the Korean Flower Industry

As the Korean rapper Jessie would say, “This is a competition!”. Yeah, if you don’t follow Korean hip hop or haven’t watched the reality TV show, “Unpretty Rapstar”, then you may not get it, but yeah, business IS a competition. And I found this cool image on the web that kind of shows my attitude when it comes to people directly challenging my flower business in Korea, which hasn’t really happened yet, which kind of both surprises me and doesn’t surprise me, and I’ll explain a little later.
Actually, the image can be misleading, but let me explain the image. It is an image of a bigger fish, about to eat a smaller fish, in a blue ocean. A lot of Koreans and people are familiar with the “Blue Ocean Strategy” when it comes to business. In short, the Blue Ocean Strategy is basically creating a new Niche or a target

February 2018 Review

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February Goals Results
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So here is my review for the month of February, 2018

February Goals Results

1. Get ready for Valentines Day: The month of February is a super busy one for us at Flower Gift Korea, and this is because of Valentine’s Day. This past Valentine’s Day was just our second one! Yup, that’s right, our second one. And we got killed last year because we were under prepared. And even though we did a lot more this year to prepare in advance, we weren’t prepared enough. But we are looking forward to Valentine’s Day 2019 because we know what adjustments we need to make to make for a smoother and efficient work flow.
2. Reach $30,000 in sales. We had a higher than normal target because we were expecting to have a lot of sales due to Valentine’s Day, and…..we didn’t