April 2018 Review

//April 2018 Review

April 2018 Review

Quick Summary:

  • April Goals Results
  • Other News
  • Other Businesses and Projects
  • Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for May 2018

So here is my review for the month of April 2018

  • April Goals Results

1. Create a concrete plan for April: I created a somewhat concrete plan for April, but didn’t do anything big. And like, I’m trying to look back to the month of April, and it is hard doing it in mid-May. I got really busy and did not write a review early enough to remember everything for the month of April.

2. Reach $12,000 in sales. We didn’t reach our sales target, but I was happy with the month of April. Considering there were no special days, we did okay. If you didn’t notice, I no longer talk about whether or not I reach the minimum threshold of $5000 in sales as we have never went lower than our minimum sales target for over the last year. If you check previous monthly reviews, you can see that I mentioned if we met the $5000 sales minimum, which was the minimum for us to make to pay off all our business and living expenses for the month. I guess some months it would have to be $6000, but it’s not really important anymore.

3. Create at least 4 blog posts/podcasts for EntrepreneurKorea.com. I was able to create a blog post weekly for this website, so I am very happy about that.

4. Create at least four blog posts for SmartTradeKorea.com. I have created less than four blog posts for SmartTradeKorea in the month of April, but I have written I believe 2 or 3. The blog posts have not been made public yet because I wanted to create a few more before doing so.

5. Network with potential import/export clients/people. I have been able to network with sellers at different trade shows in South Korea. I actually saw a few items I thought, maybe, but nothing really that has jumped out at me. Also, I have decided that I will focus on creating content for SmartTradeKorea while I look for items I believe will be good to export.

Other April News

April was alight, and it did better than I thought it would. Even though we didn’t reach our sales target, as I always kind of put it to a number where I actually don’t think we can achieve, we did better than I expected. The real thing for us in April was to look to May and properly prepare for Parent’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Rose Day. I’ll talk more about May in my next review write up. But April was a pretty relaxing month for my wife and I. I really enjoyed being able to write some blog posts.

  • Other Businesses and Projects

I have been visiting trade shows in South Korea and it has been quite fun. I just go by myself and see what kind of things are available. I also go with the intention that I am going to blog about my visit to a specific trade show. Even though I am not the best blogger, I do like creating things. I love writing content in my blogs. I don’t necessarily love blogging, but I do love the whole aspect of creating something that other people can access. It’s like I’m building my online presence. SmartTradeKorea may not go anywhere, but that’s okay, because I am learning a whole lot and I have met some other business people in South Korea. So, I am going to continue to focus on SmartTradeKorea whenever I can make time.

  • Thoughts, Goals and The Big Picture for May 2018

May is a somewhat busy month. I am looking forward to getting a good amount of sales. Since I am writing this blog post mid-May, I kind of know what my sales for Flower Gift Korea will look like. And the big task has been finished. But still, I need to do a bunch of things, the most important one being, renewing my F4 Visa. It expires soon! So yeah, that’s always a hassle. And you know, there are always these little things you have to do here and there. But yeah, you just got to do it. What can you do. So yeah, anyhow, for the rest of May, I am going to visit at least 2 trade shows before the month ends and create some content for my websites.

May 2018 Goals:

  1. Have a smooth month for Flower Gift Korea
  2. Reach $20,000 in sales (Some Special Days in May) *This is the number I had in mind at the start of May
  3. Continue my Weekly Blog post quota for 3 of my websites *As of after the busy period in May
  4. Hold a 5 Star Raffle Draw for Flower Gift Korea
  5. Update all Admin Work for Flower Gift Korea

It is May and the month is half-way done. I don’t remember why I did not write this review post earlier. I need to write it within the first few days of the month, but yeah, it didn’t happen. Anyhow, since the busy period of May is over, I am looking forward to more growth. More content for all of my websites and yeah, that’s it pretty much. I honestly don’t know what else to say about May since it is already May. Well, I know my May 2018 review will be much better as I’ll be better at recalling what happened over the month. 

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