EK010: Starting a Side Business While Teaching English

//EK010: Starting a Side Business While Teaching English

EK010: Starting a Side Business While Teaching English

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The feature image is of people working at a coffee shop. I personally did a lot of brainstorming, planning and creating at a coffee shop in Seoul South Korea when I was teaching English. But you may be doing your work at your school during your prep time or maybe just at your home. And if your side business is something you do online, then you’ll most likely want to find a quiet spot like me. However, your side business may require you to go from place to place or to network with various people. Whatever your side business is or your side business idea is, the most important thing is to take action. 

In this podcast episode, I share about some of the side businesses / projects I started and operated while I was teaching English in South Korea. Listen to the podcast for more details.

Here is a summary of the side businesses discussed:

Business Network Korea (a networking event I created in 2012 while I went from working in a Korean company to teaching at a public school to starting up IGL English.)

I was able to dig up a flyer I made using Microsoft word. I made it in 2012 for one of the first networking events, I think it was either for the 2nd or 3rd event. I remember posting this flyer up in random areas. As you can see, I wasn’t a designer in any shape or form, but it still was able to draw some people to the event. And honestly, the flyer is so not professional, but hey, you got to do what you got to do:

Networking Event in South Korea

IGL English (The English Gyosoopso I started with my wife in early 2013 and ran for about 4 years)

Flower Gift Korea (The online/offline flowers and gifts business that started off as a side hustle while I was running IGL English. We were able to sell the business recently.)

Honestly, there is absolutely no excuse that you can’t do something to prepare for your side business or even work on a side business. And as I share near the end of the podcast, you can always create content in the form of videos, blogs, podcasts, or even just regularly post on social media like Instagram and Facebook to build your brand. And if you have absolutely no idea what to do, start with networking with people who do. Then you can get some ideas from them, see what they are doing, and maybe get inspired to finally start your very own side business.

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