EK007: Personal Coach and Entrepreneur Mattue Gale

//EK007: Personal Coach and Entrepreneur Mattue Gale

EK007: Personal Coach and Entrepreneur Mattue Gale

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In this podcast episode, I get to speak with Mattue Gale. He goes by Matt and he is a personal coach. He shares a bit about his journey and a bit about himself, but he mostly shares about what he does. He uses a special method in his coaching and actually went through a coaching exercise with me. It was different for me because I never received coaching, except for when I was on sports teams. The things he talks about are very interesting and his take on entrepreneurship is different than our past guest. Check out the full podcast episode to hear more from Matt and about the benefits of his coaching method.

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Coaching Method:

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

If you google the above words, you can find out more information about this method, which is what Matt utilizes in his personal coaching.

If you are an entrepreneur in Korea or an entrepreneur with connections to Korea, please contact me and let me know what you do, and I’ll see if we can set up a time/date for a fun and informative podcast episode.

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