EK005: Starting a Business – How It has Changed My Life

//EK005: Starting a Business – How It has Changed My Life

EK005: Starting a Business – How It has Changed My Life

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In this episode, I talk about starting a business and how it has changed my life, and how you too can also be an entrepreneur or a business person.

I just finished taking a walk with my wife in the middle of the day, while not really losing any sales in my business, on a day that we are technically open and working. I obviously checked my phone to see if we received any enquiries or new orders, but my business was not affected. I love having a sustainable business that allows me to live a lifestyle I enjoy. It wasn’t easy to get to where I am at, and I still have much more to achieve, but I am totally enjoying the process.

As long as I have my phone and Internet, I can manage my business! And I think that’s awesome!

I have also grown so much as a person ever since starting my first business, and am still learning a lot. And I share a lot about my experiences and how you too can start a business in Korea one day. The important thing to do is to take action.

Here are some notes:

My very first registered business is Tony Teaching, Inc. It used to be a website that accepted consulting appointments, but it currently just re-directs to my LinkedIn profile. I still use this “business” to record sales for HagwonStart.com and other miscellaneous payments I receive for my services/products that are not related to Flower Gift Korea:

Link: Tony Teaching, Inc

My second registered business was my small Hagwon (gyosoopso), which was called IGL English. I still have the website running, though my school no longer exists.

Link: IGL English

My third registered business is my main current business, which is Flower Gift Korea. It is an online flower service that is also a physical flower shop, but we don’t have set hours. We currently get around 95% of our orders online and we take appointments for people who want to pick-up flower orders. We are at the shop when we have orders to fulfill and some people come to buy some of the gifts we have available while we are making preparations.

Link: FlowerGiftKorea

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