EK003: Paul Carver and The Seoul Global Center

//EK003: Paul Carver and The Seoul Global Center

EK003: Paul Carver and The Seoul Global Center

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In this podcast episode, I was able to spend some time with Paul Carver, who is a professional working at the Seoul Global Center. The Seoul Global Center offers a lot of FREE resources for foreigners living in Korea, especially those who are looking to start their own business. We start the podcast with a quick intro from him and then follow up with 5 fun non-Entrepreneur related questions. I had a really good time because I was able to get to know Paul more as a person and not the Director of The Seoul Global Center.

Q1. On your day off, what is one thing you really enjoy doing and why?

Q2. What is one Korean food you like and one you aren’t so much a fan of?

Q3. Let’s say someone gives you 100,000won and you have to spend it. How would you spend the money?

Q4. Is there are a famous Korean that you admire or would like to meet?

Q5. Have you ever been to Noraebang (singing room)? What song is your song?

I like to ask 5 questions like these so we can really see the type of person our guest is, and we can learn something new about Korea.

It was so good to have Paul on the podcast because I learned a lot of things about the Seoul Global Centre. I didn’t realize how many resources they have available, and that they are all 100% FREE, except for the fact that you might have to pay a deposit on certain things, which you get back, and pay for a course book, which can’t cost that much. Check out the podcast for more information.

Related Links and Notes:

The Seoul Global Center:

Paul Carver is the director of The Seoul Global Center, which is an organization that provides resources, help, consultation, events, programs, work space, etc. for foreigners living in Korea. The center is open Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm.

Courses offered (FREE)

1) Startup University (30 hour course) pretty much teaches you what you need to know and do to start a business in Korea.

2) The Trade Academy teaches you what you need to do to set up your own exporting/importing business in Korea.

3) General Korean language courses

4) Business Korean language courses

If you visit the center in Jogno, which is located near Jonggak subway station, you can go to the 4th, 5th, and 6h floor if you need help. Make sure you take the elevator on the left, because the elevator on the right is not accessible for everyone. Floor 5 is for daily life support and floor 6 is for business support.

They have 3 main centers and other sites. The 3 main centers are located in Jogno (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean), Dongdaemun (Russian, Mongolian, Central Asia), and Gangnam in COEX.

They also hold networking events, help companies and potential employees connect, and have opportunities for students who are trying to get work experience or internships.

Check out the link below for more information.

Link: Global.seoul.go.kr

Paul Caver’s Podcast:

Paul not only enjoys watching his favourite soccer (football) team Seoul FC play matches in person, but also likes to podcast about the K-League with two of his friends. If you’ve listened to the podcast, it is quite obvious that Paul is a huge FC Seoul fan and loves soccer or football as he would call it.

Link: 48shadesblog.com

Song Mentioned by Paul:

녹색지대 – “준비없는 이별”

Paul has worked in a Korean company for 8+ years, so he knows a thing or two when it comes to Noraebang (Singing Room). So I tracked down the Korean song he usually sings. Maybe you can hear him sing it one day. I also tried to get him to sing a bit of the song on the podcast.


FC Seoul:

FC Seoul is Seoul’s football/soccer team. The K-League is Korea’s soccer league. I haven’t been to a live soccer match in Korea yet, but you could check out FC Seoul in action at World Cup Stadium.

Comedian 신동엽 (Shin DongYup):

This guy is a comedian who is usually a talk show host. He is on a lot of the Korea SNL episodes, as well as a lot of talk shows.

It was really educational for me to have Paul on the Entrepreneur Korea podcast. I learned a lot of the Seoul Global Center and realized that there are a lot of free resources we entrepreneurs have access to. If you are thinking about getting into entrepreneurship one day, visit the Seoul Global Center in Jogno and go to the 6th floor to get your free consultation. And make sure to take advantage of the FREE courses! I wish these kinds of services were around when I first started my Hagwon business, but they did not exist. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel fee to contact me.

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