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EK001: EntrepreneurKorea Life with Jessica Fry

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In my first podcast interview, I invite Jessica fry, who is an Entrepreneur in Korea who owns a few businesses and is doing quite alright for herself. We start off the podcast with a quick intro and the 5 following non-Entrepreneur related questions, so we all can get to know Jessica a little more!

Q1. What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
Q2. What is one Korean food you like and one you aren’t so much a fan of.
Q3. What is one Korean Drama or Korean movie everyone should watch and why?
Q4. Where is your favorite place to hang out in Korea and why?
Q5. Have you ever been to Noraebang (singing room)? What song is your song?

I like to ask 5 questions like these so we can really see the type of person our guest is, and we can learn some cool info about Korea. As entrepreneurs, we all are down-to-earth people who share similar preferences and experiences. And there’s always something more we can learn about Korea.

We then talk more about Jessica’s entrepreneurial journey in Korea and she shares some great advice about managing people and living a healthy life as an Entrepreneur. And I personally learned a lot about myself as an Entrepreneur speaking to Jessica and was very encouraged by her insight into living as an Entrepreneur in Korea.

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Past Podcasts with Jessica Fry:

As mentioned in the podcast, I have interviewed Jessica before. Check out the first interview I had with her and see how much she has learned and grown as an entrepreneur in Korea since then.

Link: MarketinginKorea.com/026

She was also on another podcast episode where she spoke about a book club she had going. I have a feeling she no longer holds those in her diner, since her numbers have doubled since then, but feel free to give it a listen.

Link: MarketinginKorea.com/047

Jessica’s Businesses:

Jessica is the owner of two business. The first business she started in Korea was Honey Hair Boutique Korea. She has two locations, one in the Osan Base and one at Camp Humphreys:

Link: NaturalbeautyKorea.com

She also has a diner, which was featured on a Korean Television show. Here is the video I took off their Facebook page. I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing it here 🙂

Link: Facebook.com/jjsdinerKorea

Korean Movie – “A Taxi Driver”

This is the movie Jessica talks about in the podcast. I still haven’t watched it yet, but my wife, Brandy, wrote a blog post about the political background (in English) if you are interested in learning more about the backstory.

Link: koreanfloristcafe.com/the-background-of-the-movie-a-taxi-driver

AnMyonDo (안면도)

This is the place Jessica mentioned. She says she goes here about 10 times a year to energize. We as entrepreneurs all need time to relax and get our energy back, so it might be a place you could check out. After hearing about this place, I told my wife that we should check this place out, so I might be visiting AnMyonDo one day in the future. The hotel she mentioned in the podcast is, “Ocean Beach Hotel” and she said it was about 70,000won-80,000won a night.

Resources Jessica Mentioned

Gary Vaynerchuck: This is the guy Jessica brought up, who is someone I also follow and learn things from. If you are an entrepreneur or have entrepreneur friends on your Facebook page, you might have seen some of his short clips telling you that “Nobody cares about your feelings, bro!” or “It takes work”. Google his name and you’ll come across a lot of great information.

Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income): This is the guy I mentioned, who I follow. He is a little different than Gary V., but he also has some great information.

For those of you who have listened to any one of my other podcasts, which are HagwonStart.com and MarketinginKorea.com, you may have asked yourself why would Tony start another one? Well I started up a podcast for EntrepreneurKorea.com because of the following reasons:

1) I genuinely love podcasting as it allows me to connect with like minded people and learn from them.

2) It truly allows me to reflect on my journey in life and energizes me as an entrepreneur in Korea.

3) I have been searching for something like this since 2011, which is when I first started my entrepreneurial journey in Korea.

4) I finally have enough experience and confidence to start this podcast.

I am looking forward to publishing more podcast episodes for the EntrepreneurKorea community for the years to come. Even though I was an entrepreneur in 2011, I just didn’t feel it was time to start this podcast and website. Now, I will provide some information and content that my past self was looking for but couldn’t find. And if you are an Entrepreneur and have some experiences we can all learn from, contact me and let’s see if we can schedule a time to record a fun and engaging podcast episode the EntrepreneurKorea community can learn from.

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